BANANA 'Known Source' --Musa x.--

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We got our original specimen from now-closed Known Source Nursery in Taylor, who had gotten their original from a local homestead. We were told "the fruit is regular banana-sized and sweet, and the plants are cold hardy." We've been growing these in pots since 2018, and in 2020 we put one in the ground, which formed a huuuge clump in two years! From a single plant to a cluster of forty, the tallest at 16'! They survived and thrived after our 9° winter in 2021. No fruits yet but we expect to see clusters next year. When growing bananas, layer soil over corms multiple times throughout the year (like potatoes, a mounded effect). This keeps them clumping tighter and growing taller. They are heavy feeeders and love compost and mulch, and a steady supply of water! The more of those things you provide, the greener, more lush, and eventually heavier fruiting they'll be.

Plants are 5-7' tall, so this item requires special handling for delivery. We will apply a 30$ discount as a refund if you choose pickup!! (Discount will show up after you complete your order as a separate refund due to our website being a bit finicky.)