Want to garden but can’t find plants? Lone Star Nursery delivering to your door. (Austin 360, March 2020)

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This is the most wonderful time of the year for a gardener... except the garden centers are closed. The stay at home order during the coronavirus has kept them closed except for ones attached to big box stores or hardware stores.

Those don’t often have the selection of Central Texas-specific plants, though.

Lone Star Nursery, which typically is a wholesaler, is offering free delivery service to homes as long as you place an order for $30 or more. It’s all organic.

The available plant list changes every week. Order by email at hello@lonestarnursery.com. They are working on a website to order from as well: lonestarnursery.com.

If you’re thinking of putting in a victory garden to grow food, this week’s lists includes four kids of cucumber, kale, three kinds of okra, artichokes, about a dozen peppers, two tomatillos, eight tomatoes, six spinaches, three basil, three mints and some catnip and elderberry.

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