Coming Soon: Lone Star Nursery 2.0

Coming Soon: Lone Star Nursery 2.0

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And now for the main event...

We are in the planning stages of our upcoming brick and mortar destination on our property in Manor, TX. 

These are all conceptual sketches by Jay himself. 

The above image is 2 of the 3 structures.  A back patio view of the store/tavern and a small front view of a stone cottage/apothecary. The apothecary is based on the "Charlevoix Mushroom Houses" on the shores of Lake Michigan, built by Architect Earl Young from 1918 - 1952.


This is Jay's drawing of The Great Chatsworth Conservatory, 1840.
The Conservatory at Chatsworth House, England was designed by self-taught architect and horticulturalist Joseph Paxton using a revolutionary prefabricated glass and iron technique, becoming one of the first "glass houses". This pioneering approach to controlled growing environments allowed Paxton to cultivate tropical species, including pineapples, giant water lilies and the Cavendish Banana. Paxton went on to design and build the legendary Crystal Palace that housed the Great Exhibition of 1851.
LSN Crystal Palace
Inspired by Joseph Paxton's work, this is a conceptual drawing of Lone Star Nursery's upcoming 'Crystal Palace' greenhouse.  It will be both a tropical sales house as well as a Plant Palace.
LSN micro store and tavern
This is a very rough micro of the store and tavern.


LSN layout

This is a macro of our present and future Lone Star Nursery growing facility and of the future home of LSN retail experience. 

We're planning to put the buildings where you attended our Travelling Plant Show Comes Home event in December 2021, pending permitting.

travelling plant show 2021

As we build a larger foot print in the real world we are also planning to build a space in the virtual blockchain world. (QR Codes and VHS gif are a nod to Coinbase's 2022 Super Bowl Commercial.) *Not Financial Advice

Watch this "Under Construction" space for continuing updates on our progress. 

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