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Hooray! It's time for squash! This is one of the best spring and summer plants for central Texas.  From zucchini to yellow summer squash, they thrive in our climate.  We recommend making a small hill and planting 1-2 plants per hill.  Give plenty of water and watch them thrive!

Plants grow in a sprawling bush of large, luxurious leaves.  Space mounds at least 2' apart because these guys get big!

Summer squash are productive and fast, and usually provide the first veggies of the year.  As soon as you see blooms, keep an eye out, they like to hide their fruit under a leaf, and it will explode in size, quickly growing enormous!

Our area is prone to squash borers, a type of moth that lays an egg on the stem of each plant, and whose larva bores in and eats the stem from the inside out.  First off, we suggest planting early so you can beat the bugs to harvest season! We also recommend regular applications of diatomaceous earth and/or BT (a beneficial bacteria spray).  You can also wrap the stems (gently and loosen the wrappings as they grow!), and check daily for the larvae.


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