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AVOCADO 'Austin Star' --Persea americana--

AVOCADO 'Austin Star' --Persea americana--

In 1977-1978 a backyard gardener in south Austin visited an avocado farm in south Texas. Like all obsessed gardeners, pushing the limits of plants led to him to acquiring one of these trees. They were planted and had lovely lives. In 1981-82, there were unprecedented rains in south Texas that completely decimated this particular farm, destroying all of their producing trees. Realizing that they had lost the entire genetic stock, they contacted the obsessed gardener. They came to Austin, and either took cuttings or fruit from his very special remaining tree, and replanted their farm.

In 2013-14, an employee told me that he grew up next door to an avocado tree, that one very special tree, that he would climb and pick and eat fresh avocados from. In disbelief, I told him that unless I saw it with my own eyes I believed he was lying.

The avocado tree legend was more than a story, it was an actual living legend, one that we have been nurturing the children of for years. These avocado trees are special, and meant to bring joy, lessons, and rewards.

A champion tree, cold hardy to at least 16 F. Bears fruit in consecutive years. Slow growing and hard to propagate, we hope you'll appreciate the story and the labor of love as much as we do. This tree is a must!

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