ELECAMPANE 'Magnifica' --Inula magnifica--

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A very old and widely used medicinal, mentioned by the Romans, sacred to the Celts, and AKA "elfwort" for its association with the fair folk. It was said to have sprung from the tears of Helen of Troy, leading to its botanical name.

Herbaceous perennial. Native to Europe. Giant, coarse, aromatic leaves and multiple upright stems bearing flowers colored yellow with dark centers, up to 6 inches across. The roots of “Magnificent” taste similar to what we call “Official” (that is Inula helenium), but “Magnificent” is less root productive and not traditionally used. We’ve noticed the plants prefer partial shade and moist soils. Light-dependent germinator. Sow in early spring by pressing into surface of soil and keeping evenly moist and in the light. Space plants 2 or 3 feet apart.