PASSIONFLOWER 'Locostle' --Passiflora umbilicata-- BK10511.13

This extremely rare and incredibly beautiful passion vine was discovered in the cloud forests in the highlands of the Andes mountains. Deep purple blooms up to 6" across mature into 3" edible fruit. Some say the most beautiful of all the passiflora blooms. Leaves have traditionally been used in a medicinal tea for gastrointestinal disorders. Vine to 16'.Grows similarly to the native P. Lutea, with smaller three lobed leaves. Native to the mountains of Argentina and Bolivia. This collection is from about 11,500 feet, Cochabamba, Bolivia. Zone 8. The letters and numbers identify the collector and the location from where the original seed came from. This has value for conservation purposes and we encourage passing them along as propagation continues. More cold tolerant than some passionflowers, evergreen to light frosts especially once established. Prefers dappled shade to full sun.