PEPPER 'Takara Shishito Sweet'

(60 days) F-1 hybrid. I was once known as The Pepper Lady and so I have my standards. Thus, when I first encountered these small thin-walled second-cousins-twice-removed of Revolution peppers, I thought “Why bother?” Fedco staffer Emily Skrobis set me straight as we judged peppers at Common Ground Fair this year. She loves this pepper type as early, easy and abundant. Takara is all that—with dozens of wrinkled thin-walled fruits borne early on compact well-branched plants. Pick when light green and less than 3" long, and blister them whole in a hot oiled skillet. Serve with flaky salt and eat everything but the stem. Most will be mild—the occasional green pepper, around 10%, will be hot. If you let them grow to full 1x3½" size, they turn red and can be dried for hot crushed red pepper.