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Red Water Breaker Nozzle

Red Water Breaker Nozzle

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Use what we use! These are the nozzles we use on every hose - they let a LOT of water through, but the water breaking function makes the flow so soft that it doesn't damage even the most delicate plants. These are really pleasant when you spend 3 hours watering a day!

Molded from red, high-impact, ABS plastic, the plug nozzle is crafted with the same quality you expect from other Dramm nozzles. The softflow pattern is a result of over a thousand micro holes arranged in a precise pattern on the face disk. The disk is fashioned from hardened stainless steel to resist denting and corrosion. A rubber protective ring around the face of the nozzle further protects the disk. Perfect for watering plugs and seedlings and even for drenching cuttings. The soft flow is gentle enough that the soil and plants will not be disturbed.

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